Shenandoah was incorporated as a Borough on January 16, 1866, having been laid out by Peter Schaeffer of Pottsville in 1862. The first known resident was a man named Peter Kehley who cleared a patch of land at the center of the valley and built a log cabin there, sometime around 1830. Peter Kehley maintained his farm for about 20 years in total isolation.

With the discovery and commercial mining of anthracite coal in the Southern coal fields from the early 1830's, land speculators began to send surveyors into the northern regions, that is, north of Broad Mountain in search of possible coal lands. By 1850, Peter Kehley had sold his land to the Philadelphia Land Company and several investors sent agents into the area to hold the land and protect their investment. The tremendous need for coal at the outbreak of the civil war fueled the necessity of finding and operating new coal deposits north of Broad Mountain. Thus, in 1862, the first colliery in Shenandoah was opened. This was Shenandoah City Colliery.

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